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And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Cow Breeder, The Vet, and the Milk Inspector

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

  • The Cow Breeder, The Vet, and the Milk Inspector

    Months ago, I had done a post on a calf being born.   Now I would like to share the things that happen before the calf is born.  I know, I'm alittle mixed up, but that happens every now and then.   I can only imagine the questions that will come out of a child's mouth if they read this post, so I am throwing out some caution to parents.  We have encountered some blunt (and sometime humorous) questioning from our children about things like this, but we have chosen to always be honest and explain things on their level.  If we don't answer their questions, someone else will and we might not like what they are told.
    We do not breed our cows by a bull.  The idea of having one of those fellas around here does not appeal to us, and Dave likes the different variety of bulls that are offered by doing A.I. (artificial insemination).  We have a long time friend that works for Sire Power and he comes to do the breeding when we let him know that a cow is in heat (I am choosing to not go into the details of the signs of heat).   Semen is carried in tiny tubes that are kept in liquid nitrogen with a temp. of -350.
    herd check, breeder 007
    The breeder removes the tube that carries the semen of the bull Dave selected and warms it up by putting it in warm water in this little pot...
    herd check, breeder 010
    and continues to keep it warm by keeping it next to his skin until he is ready to insert into cow...
    herd check, breeder 008
    He inserts one arm in the rectum where he is able to feel, through the rectum wall, the proper placement of the tube..
    herd check, breeder 009
    Pronto!  All done!  Now we wait for at least 35 days before she can be preg checked.  The vet comes with her nifty altrasound machine.....
    herd check, breeder 003
    herd check, breeder 004
    herd check, breeder 001
    She holds the wand in her hand and reaches in to see if she can "see" a calf.  Yep, she is pregnant.  Now we wait for the birth.  Check out the post for more details  http://beingtriedasgold.xanga.com/723136449/calf-birthing-and-jokes/.
    Another person that frequents the farm is the milk inspector.  He does not come because he is invited, or because we think we need his help.  No, the government tells us that he MUST come and he can come anytime he feels like it, enter our milkhouse, check everything out and then find something, anything wrong with what we are doing or how things look.  What other occupation is subject to this invasion?  Anyway, we do have a very nice inspector and we have a good relationship.  He was kind enough to tell us that the Federal inspectors are going to be coming and gave us some advice on some things that could be improved on.  Dave worked at doing some of the construction projects and asked if the boys & I would do the cleaning.  It was a beautiful day when we tackled this and decided to go above and beyond what was asked of us, so we also painted!  I love painting and it was fun teaching the boys the proper way of applying paint.  We all had fun - they did a great job - and it's looks good!  We decided that if the inspectors come and pick everything apart we are going to tackle him to the ground and paint him!    I can just see the boys doing that!
    sheds 039
    sheds 036
    sheds 035
    Life is anything but boring on a farm!
    Until next time.............

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