Zechariah 13:9

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

  • Heart Dr. Visit

    Almost 16 years ago, little Solomon was born.  The umbilical cord had only 2 vessels, instead of 3.  He was born 4 weeks early weighing 4 # 14 oz.  In my mother's heart I knew that their was something wrong with Solomon, but the Dr's. kept telling me it because he was 4 weeks early.  When he was 8 days old, he became VERY ill - extremely fast breathing, did not respond to me and his color was really bad.  By the time the ambulance got him to the hosp. they could not put any I.V.'s in him, for all his blood vessels had collapsed and he was turning more and more gray with each minute.  After what seemed like forever, they were able to stablize him at Reading and then transferred him to Hershey where they discovered that he had a narrowing (I'll use english language instead of all the med. terms) of the aorta, which was preventing blood from getting to his lower extremeties.  The next day, the surgeon went in through Solomon's ribs and patched it up, but by that time, his kidneys had shut down and he was still very ill.  He spent 13 days in Hershey and then was able to come home.  A few months after that, he needed to have the balloon done on that area, for the scar tissue prevented it from growing with him.  After that, he grew faster and seemed to do much better.  He still has a valve that has only 2 flappers, instead of 3, and he still is being checked by Dr. every 1 -1 1/2 years.   His visit today was a good one from the cardiac standpoint.  The worst part is that the Dr. reminded him that weightlifting and wrestling should be avoided!  Solomon loves doing both of those things.  I am trying to convince him to take up track, or something else.  We will see how successful I am.  We are thankful for the good report.

    solomon on tractor
    6 years ago this coming Feb., Oliver was born.  He was only 2 weeks early and seemed healthy at first.  After Dr examined him though, a heart murmur could be heard.  With Solomon's history, they did an echo right away and discovered that he had the same thing as Solomon.  They transported him by medivac to Hershey (he was not even 2 days old) and did surgery the next day.  Oliver was not near as sick as Solomon was and came home after 5 days in hosp..  Today, his visit was not as good to hear as Solomon's.  They did an echo and discovered his left side of his heart is slightly enlarged, the site of surgery is narrowed, and the tricuspid valve is creating a backwash, because it only has 2 flappers, instead of 3.  So, Oliver must do a stress test and depending on the outcome of that, there is a possibiltity of him having to take a blood pressure medicine.  The next step depends on the test.  This outcome was a surprise to me, for Oliver is full of energy and seems to not have any problems and I was expecting a clean bill of health.  I have to have time to digest it, I guess.  I am reminding my self that we have a Great Physician and our children are not really ours, but His.  It is this surrendering issue that I have to deal with........

    Thanks for your prayers!
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kelsey's 19 Birthday

A birthday!

Happy 19th birthday to Kelsey!  This was taken a year ago on her wedding day.

Beautiful daughter!  Inside and out!

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All About a Cow

Saturday, 12 September 2009

  • All about a cow

    Last year, we had to do a presentation at HIS (Home Instructed Students), our homeschool coop.  We, of course, choose to do ours on the cow.  I thought this information might interest you, too.
    The cow is mentioned 44 times in the O.T., so milking is no new thing.
    The information that I will share is for the holstein breed, which are the black and white.  There are several different breeds of cows, but the most common in this area are the holsteins.
    A mature cow will weigh about 1,400 lbs., which equals 28 children who weigh about 50 lbs. each
    They eat 80 #'s of food a day = 360 cheeseburgers
    They drink a bathtub of water a day = 25-50 gallons = 400 - 800 glasses
    Now if a cow eats this much, how much manure does it give a day?  16 gallons
    Of course, a cow must have alot of saliva to be able to chew it's cud.  125 #'s = 15 gallons
    A young cow (female) is called a heifer until it has a calf.  Then it is called a cow.  A heifer can have a calf when it is 2 years old.  A cow carries a calf for 9 months - just lke humans.
    A calf weighs about 80 # when it is born. After it is born, it can nurse from it's mom, or if a farmer wants to milk the cow, the calf will be taken from mom and must be fed a bottle 2 X's a day for 8-9 weeks then it can start eating grain, hay and silage.
    Now the momma cow will produce about 8 gallon of milk a day = 128 - 8 oz glasses.  She can milk for up to 6 years, but she would need to have a calf every year.
    The udder stores milk, has 4 teats, and weigh about 35 #'s when full.
    Milk that comes straight from cow is called raw milk.  It is how God created it and in it's natural form.  The milk you purchase in the store has 3 things done to it.
                         pasteurized - heated to 145 degrees and held at the temp. for 30 min. to kill any harmful bacteria
                         homogenized - when the fat globules of cream are broken into small sizes so that they will remain mixed in the milk and the cream will not rise to the top.  This fat is good fat and is not harmful and when it is homogenized it makes it harder for our bodies to digest.
                         fat adjusted - either they leave it whole milk, or they remove certain amounts of the cream to make it 2%, 1% or they remove all the cream to make it skim milk.   If you want "fat" milk, feed the cows more hay.
    There is great controversy over whether you should drink raw milk or not.  To many of us, it is the best way to drink milk.  In the form that God created it to be and by drinking it, our bodies build immunites to many stomach "bugs".  Our family rarely has a stomach virus.  Praise goes to God!
    How much milk should we drink in a day?  1-12 year olds - 3 servings, teen - 4, adult - 2.
    So next time you drink milk or see those cows out in a pasture, maybe you can appreciate them alittle more the before.  There are many farm families that work hard to provide that glass of milk, or piece of cheese, or sourcream, ice-cream, yogurt, butter, "real" pudding and milk shakes.
    How is that for dairy promotion?  Hee Hee!
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

It Has Been a Long Time

Thursday, 10 September 2009

  • It has been a long time!

    It really has been a long time since I blogged!  I thought maybe I would start up again and focus on what it is like to live on a dairy farm, homeschool the boys and share our good times and not so good times (we do have days that just don't seem to flow together!).  We also have some dear friends that live far away and would like to keep up with what it going on here.    Dave is going to teach civics/history/current events at our homeschool coop (HIS) this year, so hopefully we will include some of those thoughts and ideas.
    Alot has happened since the last time.  We have sold and then bought again a herd of cows.  Our one and only daughter, Kelsey, got married last September.  Our children have been growing up in many ways and we are going to grandparents in just a few weeks.  Life has a way of moving along very quickly, doesn't it?  I wish that we could somehow take each special moment and hold onto them forever!  I guess that is why many people keep diaries.  Maybe I will start one and then I could just read past entries and recapture those moments.  Each day is full of blessings.
    Until next time...........