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And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Butchering Beef

Sunday, 28 November 2010

  • Butchering Beef

    We spent the day Saturday preparing 2 beef for the freezer and canning.  Again, like the description of our chicken butchering day, this will be graphic and seemingly inhumane.  If you eat beef, this process cannot be avoided.
    First, I want to share 2 comical pictures that were taken while we were shuffling the girls around.  This one is not one we butchered, but is going to the auction.  Oh, how stubborn they can be!!  How many farmers does it take to move a heifer?
    beef butchering day 001
    beef butchering day 003
    The first thing in the beef processing is killing (of course!) and it is done in a very humane way.  We lured her to a safe area where she is killed - the men hate this part of butchering.  Dave asked that no pictures of that be included on here.  It is just too sad.
    beef butchering day 047
    Ben was the "expert".  He walked us through each step and allowed the boys to participate in whatever they were able to.  He is a good teacher!  The heifer was laid on her back and the skinning process begun.  Please remember that these steps are much easier in a butcher shop setting, where all the equipment and tools are ready to go.  When we do this at home, it certainly is not as convenient.  It works, though, and Ben is itching to have it more professional.  Maybe one day.....
    beef butchering day 010
    Did you know they have a joint at this location on their legs (where Ben is cutting)?  Can't figure out why.
    beef butchering day 019
    beef butchering day 022
    Sawzall is used to cut bone.
    beef butchering day 024
    Hung and ready for gutting.
    beef butchering day 026
    Stomachs..........(they have 4)
    beef butchering day 027
    beef butchering day 029
    beef butchering day 030
    beef butchering day 033
    Intestines.........(Dave trying to hold them in bucket).  Did you know that the "old-timers" used to clean the intestines and use them for sausage casings?  
    beef butchering day 031
    beef butchering day 035
    Heart.............If we had a heart and a set of lungs these sizes, we would be able to do things effortlessly.......the only thing is that we would need very large muscles and arteries, also!
    beef butchering day 036
    beef butchering day 037
    This is the inside of one of the stomachs.  Do you notice the lining of the stomach and the "fingers" attached?  They are what absorbs the nutrients from the hay/grain/grass.   Bovine will eat LOTS of long stemmed hay at once and will fill their stomachs.  Then they will go lay down somewhere, regurgitate that hay and chew it again till it looks similiar to what you see below.  That is what we call "chewing their cud".   Maybe sometime I will explain the 4 stomachs.
    beef butchering day 039
    The naked heifer is then cut in half....
    beef butchering day 041
    beef butchering day 042
    beef butchering day 044
    The halves are cut in quarters to make it easier to handle.
    beef butchering day 050
    The little boys were given the bones (and pieces) that needed to be trimmed for hamburger.  Ben would do the "professional" cuts - such as sirloin steaks and roast, delmonico steaks and roast, bottom round and top round steaks and roast, etc..   When he is at the butcher shop, they use a saw similiar to a table saw, but here he had to use the sawzall.  Don't worry - it was a brand new blade! 
    beef butchering day 051
    beef butchering day 053
    beef butchering day 056
    beef butchering day 054
    Some steaks and roasts ready to be bagged for freezer.....
    beef butchering day 052
    Cubes that are going to be ground into hamburger.....
    beef butchering day 059
    Cubes to be put into canning jars........
    beef butchering day 060
    Fill quart jars to rim with cubes of meat, add 1/2 - 1 tsp. salt, add lids and process in pressure canner at 10# for 1 1/2 hrs. (90 min,).   Do NOT add liquid to jars.  The meat makes liquid.  It is great to have on hand to add to stews, etc..
    beef butchering day
    I forgot to take pictures of the trimmed bones that we use to make scrapple (yes, we make scrapple from beef, it is good!). Hopefully we will be making that in the next day or 2.  I will do a separate post on how to make scrapple.

    We had a fun time together again preparing for the future.  We started about 10:30 and finished up about 8:30.  Dave & I did chores in the afternoon while the boys continued working on meat.  Humbly grateful for family and for the provisions that the Lord sees fit to give us.
    Until next time..............

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