Zechariah 13:9

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Monday, January 20, 2014

Look Deeper!

Over the past 9 years, we have turned most of the fields on our farm into fenced in grass pastures for the cows to graze.  We have adopted the farming method called "mob grazing."  We also have NEVER applied chemicals on the land since we purchased the farm, thus classifying it organic.  The soil was so depleted and lifeless when we moved here and now it is rich, worm infested (good thing!) soil that is nutrient dense, retains moisture and produces wholesome rich crops.   This type of farming is not the typical method of farming and the "conventional" farmers frown deeply down upon anyone who tries it.  

Well, they can frown away! 
We also rent the neighboring farm land and have implemented the same farming method to 18 acres of it, and we sub rent the rest to a friend who is a conventional farmer.  The other day the owner of the farm curtly spoke to Dave and wondered what we are doing with our fields - aren't we farming them?  My hubby kindly and patiently, explained how we farm, the benefits and the results that we have been noticing.  His curtness lost it's edge and he began asking questions and really listening.

There is a whole science lesson on the above topic.  You see, when this method of farming is applied, it does not always look so neat, tidy and organized.  The grass is allowed to grow, an area is fenced in and the cows are left loose to "mob" it for one day.  They go in, eat to their hearts content, and in the process, trample the rest into the ground to become mulch and while they are doing that, they are leaving a trail of wonderful fertilizer.  The next day they are moved to a different paddock and so on.  The grass that was not eaten nor trodden will stand in odd clumps throughout the pasture making it look "unfinished".

The mobbed fields receive a harsh judgment by any passer by for their unattractiveness and the farmers are criticized for "not farming" their fields.  But, if you could only see beneath the matted grass, you would find beautiful strong plants popping through the earth to replenish the pasture, and beneath the soft top layer of earth, you will find rich, nutrient dense soil that is able to support LIFE in abundance!

In meditating on the reaction of the landlord of our rental ground, it made me think that his reaction and judgement can be compared to what happens among people, especially in the "Christian" realm.  Some churches fabricate standards that they believe are more "Godly".  Even though these standards are not even required by God, they implement them, force them and make them a foundation of judgement against anyone else who does not comply with them.  The promotion is to become cookie cutter members that have the appearance of righteousness, perfection and unity, just like the conventional thing to do.  They were sprayed with the deadly chemical of legalism and occultism.  What happens in these groups is the externals become so severely emphasized that heart issues, the inner most being of a person, never gets properly fed, if fed at all.  Thus producing a beautiful outward "field" that is just a cover up for the chemical ridden, hard packed soil that has been stripped of life and filled with hidden sin.  These folks are unaware of what is happening beneath their hardened crust, and they may not even be concerned that they are unaware, for after all, everything looks fine above the surface.
 Such is the life of a conventional christian.

Let's visit the farm next door where the organic Christians abide.  They refuse to apply the chemicals of man-made standards, for after all they kill the little sprouts of faith,  true deep holiness, and obedience to God alone from springing forth in their lives.  They refuse to be molded into a cookie cutter, for they realize that God has created each of us with uniqueness.  They seek to obey the Holy Spirit in whatever, wherever, however it may lead them, even in the area of "appearance-ever". They don't judge someone because they don't hold the same standards as them, for if we compare standards, we ALL fall short of God's standard.  They give freedom for Christ to work in other people's lives in HIS timing.  The focus is to feed and nurture the soil of their inner being first, asking God to make it rich and nutrient dense that when the "crops" spring force, they would be full of life that reaches far below the surface.  The harvest that springs forth from organic soil is amazingly different from that of chemical ridden soil. 

When the neighboring landowner questioned our method of farming, we wanted to beg him to look deeper!  Look beneath the surface!

How many folks around us are begging us to do the same?  Look deeper! Look beneath my shaggy, imperfect surface.   See me for who I really am, not who you think I am by what you see!  

That is my heart's cry!
Oh, may I be able to see people in depth as Jesus sees them.
 To see beneath the surface and into their souls.
To create a desire to be organic - pure and full of life!

 May that be your heart's cry as well.

Until next time.......

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Great! I love this article! looking forward for more to come! God Bless you all!