Zechariah 13:9

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Monday, May 14, 2012

His 46th Birthday, My Mother's Day

Like some of you already know, Dave is 9 days younger than me.  In those 9 days, he likes to tease me that he is married to an old woman and I tease him that makes me the boss for 9 days.  Hit the 10th day, he then is an old man and can gladly take back the boss position! :-)  Anyway, his birthday fell on Thursday, the day we had the end-of-year program for our homeschool co-op, plus Kelsey's were leaving for the mountains, so his birthday celebration had to be put on hold.  Friday, the boys got the idea to give him a surprise gift.  When he came home from work, they told him they had a surprise in the back of the van.  Upon opening the doors, he discovered fishing rods, tackle boxes, can of worms and lawn chairs.  We were all going fishing - SURPRISE!    I know the boys enjoyed Dave's "surprise", and he & I enjoyed as well. :)

We had gone fishing......

Tomorrow evening we will celebrate with Kelsey's, and Dave's food request is home-made ice-cream made with all cream.  Pure grass-fed cream!  Wanna guess how many calories will be in a bowl?  Never mind - don't tell me! :-)

Mother's Day
Any holiday or special day (besides birthdays, Thanksgiving & Christmas), seems like just another day to the boys.  I am never offended when they don't do anything special for Mother's Day, for I know they love me and would defend me with their lives.  They have their special ways of showing me that fact all year long.  Well, come evening on Sunday, they were late in coming in from chores and it was such a nice evening, I decided to go in search of them and possibly convince Dave to take a walk with me.  I rounded the corner of the silo and caught them red handed!  They had just got back from picking flowers from along the road and I surprised them.  I was not suppose to see what they were up to. 
Uriah came running over to me with this bouquet of daisies and said that those were from him and that I should smell them.  I did and was shocked that such pretty flowers could smell so awful.  Now, I had a moral dilemma.  I did not want to tell Riah that the flowers stank and hurt his feelings, but I didn't want to lie either.  So, I tried to skirt around a response and just say how pretty they were and how special that he thought of me.  Well, here he was playing a joke on me and he looks at me and said "but, mom they smell like crap and we are just going to throw them away!"  They did smell exactly like cow manure (or crap in boy's language)!  I still laugh thinking about it!  It was so funny!  Here they originally had them in the center of the big bouquet and then realized how their smell ruined the whole thing. The rest of the flowers were beautiful, plus smelled wonderful!  Dave also picked some small branches with wonderful smelling locust flowers for me.  He knows I love honeysuckle and these smelled very similar.  Here are the "stinky" daisies... 

The final bouquet delivered by the clowns :).   I find out later that George got the whole idea of picking flowers for me by observing, out the milk house window, a car pulled over alongside the road and a woman getting out to pick some purple flowers.   Reliving the whole incident today, I laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks.  First, the look on Dave's face as I rounded the silo, next the stinky flowers, then thinking that they thought of me while watching another woman pick flowers....  Being a mother to these boys is anything but boring, but I wouldn't want to live without them!

The wonderful smelling locust "tree" for my sink window sill....

It was a good weekend and a Mother's Day that I will definitely remember for years!

Until next time..............


tim said...

another great story of inspiration and encouragement.thankyou for sharing. My wife and I have learned so much from spending time with you . you both set a great example for us to try and follow. thankyou for continuing to share.
not a day goes by that i dont think and pray for the Weidenhammers.
thank you God for that family.


Dave ~ Brenda said...

thank you, Tim. We think of you and your family quite often as well. Maybe if we ever sell these cows, we'll take a trip south to visit. Your prayers and thoughts are GREATLY appreciated! More than you know!