Zechariah 13:9

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Monday, September 22, 2014

Just Drive!

  Dave & I were once passengers in a vehicle driven by a someone else.  The dear driver loved to talk, which became a huge distraction to him and to all other passengers.  I found it is very stressful to be a back seat driver!!  I wondered if we would arrive home safely or if our children would receive a grim phone call instead.
By the time we returned home, Dave had a pounding headache and I was so tense and stressed all I wanted to do was scream - literally! 
 But, being the kind, sweet mother that I am, I would NEVER think of screaming at anyone, oh no!  Never!
I instead was grouchy, miserable and short with everyone - that is what kind, sweet mama's are allowed to do, you know - take out frustrations and tension on innocent bystanders, while the real culprit is innocently and peacefully eating his supper somewhere.

What it made me realize, though, is that my hubby is not so bad a driver after all!
For you see, it is well known in our family that dad is not the best driver at times, for he is what we call,
"A Farmer Driver."
Farmer Drivers sit in the driver's seat, but their mind and eyes are on the lush pasture, the fatted cow, or tasseled corn field that is zooming by the side windows. 
 The farmer's wife has no idea what is even out the side windows, for her eyes are glued on the road ahead, she becomes light headed from holding her breathe, and when the destination is reached, the ability to be sweet was left among the tasseled corn. (slightly exaggerated  :) but you got the point!)
Farmer & Wife have reached a pact.  
If he feels the need to be curious about how successful the passing farmers are,
 Wife turns chauffeur (and that is not exaggerated!).

Besides Farmer Drivers, there are other kinds of drivers.
Drivers who think that the road was paved just for them - Conceited Drivers.
If they are on the road, you are expected to just deal with whatever you have to do to avoid hitting them.
Such as, whipping it off the side of the road, which has a drop-off, causing the bottom of the van to put a huge gash in the macadam.  The noise of macadam pieces flying around and around in the belts under my hood made me think that van had major problems and was deemed un-drivable by this frustratednowI'mgoingtobelate driver.

I am sure you can think of many other kinds of drivers, including the oblivious one in the passing lane going 10mph slower than everyone else, forcing everyone else to pass them on the right.  Or the hot tempered driver who makes you understand why God sent the flood!
 Of course, the addicted driver is pretty popular today - not always sure if their addiction is alchol or texting - they drive the same.
We can chuckle at the humorous picture that I painted in your mind, but really! it is more maddening than it is funny!

Driving a vehicle is a very serious responsibility!
The lives of passengers in your car and the lives of everyone else on the road (and sometimes off the road) are held in the hands that are suppose to be gripping the steering wheel.  Speaking of gripping the wheel - it is not possible to do so if you are drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper while attempting to drive!
Doesn't work!
It's only a matter of time for these drivers.
Unfortunately, the innocent also suffers from the irresponsibility of these manic drivers.

When you and I are sitting in the driver's seat of any moving vehicle,
whether it be big or small, slow or fast, old or new, our main responsibility is to
 just drive.

Be observant!  
Be Cautious!
Look ahead!  
Look behind (using mirrors, of course)! 
Be in control!  
Be respectful!  
Pull over to eat, text, put on makeup!
Keep your mind on driving!

Having a driver's license with that wonderful, flattering photo means we passed learner's permit test and the driver's test at the DMV, but how do we drive when we aren't trying to impress the cop?
Did our skills go down hill?
I sadly think so!

Until next time.........


Twila said...

Ha, ha! Well said. Tim is a farmer driver too! I can totally identify. But we discovered something. After his surgeries he wasn't allowed to drive so I did the driving. We really like this arrangement, so now I do most of the driving. It works well for both of us. He can look to his hearts content and I feel safe!

Dave ~ Brenda said...

So you are a chauffeur, also, Twila! :) I like to drive, Dave don't care to as much, but he actually is a very good driver if he can keep his mind on the road. I guess that holds true for everyone, though.