Zechariah 13:9

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Lost Marbles

Plink, plink, plink
out they rolled with each word that I wrote
"make them journal."

I had wondered if I lost my marbles thinking that having the boys journal for the month of June was a crafty idea (Here)  I am no longer wondering, I now know that I did. On my whim, I thought it all sounded so good, so organized, so creative, however, they didn't like my whim, so I surrendered it.
NO MORE JOURNALING!  And they were relieved.

The funny thing is that the other evening we were all in the garden picking peas and our conversation was about the Romans, different Emperors, and Christian persecution (don't think that I would start a conversation like that!  Blame it on Dave!) :).  Well, Oliver's mind started churning, for he remembered that next year at our home school co-op he will be taking a written and illustrated class and he was going to write about Caesar!  When we got back to the house, he got a composition book and pencil and started writing.  Come bed time, I looked in his room and there he was in his top bunk, wearing his head lamp, writing away!!  Hey, this was better than the journaling idea.  He was being creative, using his imagination and it was not mom's idea!  The moral of the story is...well, I am not certain exactly what the moral is, but if they think of an idea it is much better than mom's and humble pie really is not that awful.

We are also back on the computer, as you can obviously see, but the boys have been choosing to play more games together and playing outside.  Of course, picking peas, stringing peas and cleaning the mess from doing peas have also been keeping them busy.  I realize that it is not a matter of taking away the computer (it's not the computer's fault), it is a matter of discipline in our lives.  We can find ourselves consumed too much with anything, really.  It can be computers, but it also can be talking on the phone, reading books, working, etc..  Self discipline and putting priorities straight is the issue and it can be a hard one!

Now that I settled all that, could I please have my marbles back?  I am really needing them so I can think of another whim.....

Until next time......


Gail @ http://biblelovenotes.com said...

Well, we all lose our marbles at times, don't we : )
I remember some similar things with my kids that didn't work out exactly like I'd expected. When I started teaching my son guitar, I thought it would never work. He hated practicing even 5 minutes a day. Now he leads music at his church. But his love for the guitar started when I'd quit teaching and he started "hanging out" with his guitar just for fun.

Dave ~ Brenda said...

Well, I guess I must confess that I can be the same way - wanting to learn things on my time and interest and not be told what to do or when to do it. Not a character trait I cherish about myself, though. When I was young I disliked being told to do the dishes, but if I thought of it first, doing dishes was a fine thing to do. Sigh!