Zechariah 13:9

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of Food & Flies

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

  • Of Food & Flies

    Breakfast, lunch and supper.......and sometimes snacks........what do they all have in common?  Food!  Here in America, we have a many, many different kinds of foods in all the different food groups.  We are very, very blessed!  We have no idea how blessed we are, until we witness or read about people who do not have food or just enough food for that day or that meal.  What a shame for us to grumble and take for granted what we do have.  And, yet we do, don't we?  I have been thinking about this food issue, for here of late I feel frustrated with my meal planning, or should I say, lack of meal planning.  We do not eat elaborate, fancy food, but just usually a meat, veggie & starch & sometimes a salad.  Desserts are treats for us, too, much to the boys dissatisfaction.  There are 2 of us in this family that I would consider to have hyperinsulinism, which simply means the more carbs we eat, the more we seem to be hungry and dissatisfied and the more we gain weight.  I have found that if I eat by the Atkins guidelines, I feel better.  Atkins means lots of meat, vegetables, salad, and good fats.  We are permitted to have alot of food in those categories, but did you know that vegetables and salads are NOT real food?  According to Solomon they are not.  Real food is french fries, milk shakes, and pizza.  I am learning to prepare meals that satisfy Atkins, but also my "real" food family members.  Simple, but nutritious are my requirements, however, we get tired of the same things over & over.  Then I have to think of those who have hardly any food and we get tired of the "over & over" food?  Lord, please forgive us!   I got a book at the library called "Eat-A-Bug Cookbook" and it literally gives recipes to make bugs into meals.  Wonder if they are considered "real" food?  I'll have to ask Solomon.   I am tempted to try a few recipes, just to say we did, but who knows?  In the future we may be glad to eat bugs!  Ummm...they fit my criteria, too - simple and nutritious AND cheap!  Would anyone like to come for supper this weekend?  It will be a mystery supper.    While I contemplate food for our family......
    Dave contemplates food for the cows.  We have our farm land planted in grass for the cows.  Our goal is to be able to have the cows grazing year round.  Well, to do that, fencing is essential, so that has been an ongoing project around here.  By this time in Spring,  we have no silage for the cows and no equipment to make hay and the grass is ready to be cut.  The best thing is to get those cows out on the grass, so this past Sat., Dave and the boys worked all day putting up fence.  They got half of the large hill done.  Alot more to go, but it is getting there.
    cows, flies, garden 008
    While we were back in the fields, I noticed that the dry cows (cows not being milked, due to being pregnant), were full of flies.
     cows, flies, garden 006
    I mentioned to Dave about this and he gave me a lesson on how God had a plan for fly control.  If you look at a cow, you will notice that their ears are positioned just right so that the cow can flap them front and shew the flies out of their eyes.  Their tails are long so they can swish the flies off their sides and back.  Their necks are long enough that they can swing their heads around and shew the flies off the front of their bodies.  God's plan for fly control comes in the form of fowl.  Do you remember seeing pictures where there are birds or chickens riding on the backs of cattle or wondering around with the cows in a pasture?  Fowl love flies!  Hey!  Maybe I should put a few in our house!  I cannot stand flies in the house!  But, I don't think I would like chicken manure, either.  Bad plan!  Anyway, the chickens roam around the cow pastures, picking through the manure for fly larvae and corn that was not digested.  They will eat flies right off the cows, too.  That decreases fly population, chickens are fed, and they help to fertilize the pastures. The pastures needs certain minerals and such to be able to produce a healthy crop of grass.  The cow manure is deficient in nitrogen, but chicken manure is high in nitrogen.  See how the Lord had all this planned out?  Cows and chickens are meant to be together.  Also, chickens are great at keeping tick and other bug population under control. Tempted to get yourself a flock of chickens?  If you decide to put them in your house, let me know your manure management plan.     By the way, we don't have chicken's either.  You can tell by looking at that poor cow.  Georgie had a flock the other year and a predator took over half his birds.  We heard later, that more than likely the predator was in the form of a cougar.  Before we get another flock, we have to come up with a better plan of safety for the birds.
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