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And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My First Car

Sunday, 16 May 2010

  • My First Car

    Yes, it is the middle of the night again, and I can't sleep.  This time, the reason is because I have tremendous pain in my right arm.  I knew this would happen!  The reason? I waxed our van yesterday.  The good old fashioned-rub on the wax-let it dry-rub off with cotton rag-buff with another rag-kind of waxing.  This is not a mini-van, but a full size, dodge 8 passenger van.  Last year I drove it in one of those automatic car washers and when I drove out, it was obvious that something happened to the paint.  It had a dull, hazy look to it and the pin stripes along the sides were  chipped off.  It looked terrible!  So, I decided to wax it to see if it would look better.  It does!  It has a sparkle to it again, even though it still is not totally clear looking.  However, it is costing me some sleep.
     I couldn't help but think of my dad while I rubbed on that wax.  My dad loved vehicles!  He would make sure his car, or truck, was washed and swept out and was mechanically taken care of.  I remember having quite a few different vehicles over the years of my growing up.  Some of  the cars were big, with big trunks and hoods, and big back window ledges.  We would lay on those ledges sometimes when we would go on a trip (those were the days of no seatbelt regulations).   There were also small cars, like the rabbits.  Anyone remember them?   Dad owned one (as a run around car) when I got my driver's license and that is what I drove until I purchased my own.  I loved that thing!  Dad's love for cars carried over to his children.  I loved to drive around, especially in zippy little cars.  Every weekend we would wash and sweep out the vehicles and I remember having to wax one every now and then.  Well, a friend of ours had this little black pinto for sale and dad said that I could buy it.  A payment plan was set up for me. Oh, how I wish I could remember how much I paid for that car!  It was the cutest little thing.
       first cars
    It also was not the safest thing and my dad grew concerned about that fact.  I think they were known to blow up if another vehicle hit them and that is something to be concerned about!   An opportunity came up to buy a bigger car, so I sold the pinto.  The memory of that car still lingers on after all these years - let's see - 27 years to be exact.   This is the car I purchased.....
      first cars. buick
    It was a beautiful buick Regal which served me, and eventually Dave & I, for many years. For this picture, some of the young guys put mag wheels on it.  Mag wheels were the thing back then.  Made the cars look hot (I think that was the word they called them).   Now who cares about mag wheels?  I'm not even sure what the fad is anymore   We eventually graduated to a four door, then a station wagon and now a van.  I still like to have nice, clean cars, but it no longer has priority.   In fact, our vehicles get neglected more times than not and things start collecting under the seats and in the back of the van - you know things like clothing, books, toys, trash - until a nice sunny day arrives and we decide that enough is enough!  And, I must admit that for some reason a vehicle seems to drive better and faster when it is clean.  Just my imagination, I guess!  Anyway, as far as waxing the van again?  Not for a lloonngg time!!
    This is in remembrance of my dad, who passed away almost 12 years ago.  I don't believe he is washing and sweeping out vehicles in heaven, but could he be driving one of those chariots?
    Until next time..............  

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