Zechariah 13:9

And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The Lord is my God. Zechariah 13:9

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Christmas Newsletter

The Family's 2011 Revision of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Once upon a now-a-days, deep in the acreage of Pennsylvania, lives a family.  The family has a tradition of writing a newsletter at Christmas time each year to let friends know what life was like the past 12 months.  This duty usually rests on the shoulders of Papa, but one thing the family learned this past year is that the word “should” can seem like a cuss word.  It dampens our ability to make a choice and creates pressure on us. “We should do this, or we should do that.  We should’ve made that decision, or we shouldn’t have made that decision…”.  Replace the “should” with “could” and the pressure is removed.  So, Papa said that he will not “should” on himself with writing the newsletter this year.  He said that mama could if she wants to.  
The past year has been somewhat eventful for the family and like life seems to be for the majority of families, it had it’s share of ups, as well as downs.   They have celebrated many times, and also had times where the words “why, Lord?” was the #1 question of the day.  It is a good thing that Papa has a large set of shoulders for he carried a big load and has cried that his porridge was too hot many times.  He was very busy with his masonry business, where he is the sole owner, operator and laborer, with occasional help of a friend.   He has found relief from heartburn by eliminating all wheat from his diet and is wondering how he could find relief from the responsibility of meeting deadlines, especially the “payment due date” deadlines, which by the way, are definitely shoulds!  :)   Mama has had the feeling like her porridge has been too cold.  That cuss word “should” has effected her, also.  She should keep the house cleaner, have better meals, provide the boys with a better education, and should never hear the words “do I have any clean clothes, mama?”  However, she has reached a point (most times) that it is ok that her porridge is not “just right”,  God knows her heart and papa would rather see her smile and her cubs would rather have a kind word spoken than have her stressed out trying to have the “perfect” den. She has realized that it is unwise to try to live by someone else’s standard.  Papa and mama happily celebrated 25 yrs. together this fall.  Ben has taken over much of the responsibilities on the farm and still works part time at the butcher shop.   He is such a nice soon-to-be-23 young fella, and puts up with the rest of the family harassing him about finding a nice young gal to share his porridge with.  The Our daughter's den has moved 2 miles from our home in June and we are lovin’ having them so close.  A smiley little female named Morgan Dixie was born in July and don’t-miss-a-thing 2 yr. old Oakley, is such a loving big sister to her .  Mama, who turned 21 this year, and Papa do a fabulous job of taking care of their den.  Solomon stills has his dangerous job of moving houses, turned the big 18 this year and always has a hug for mama.  We are excited that he was baptized this month.  George became a teenager, is very responsible on the farm, and shot his first buck, which was a 10 pt.!  He felt his porridge was just perfect at that time!  Uriah has many ambitions.  He turned 10, is a big help in the kitchen and is happy if he has “techie” stuff to work on.  Oliver will be 9 in Feb. and has to be busy at all times.   He will tackle any competition - he loves challenges. The boys never complain about their porridge whether it is too hot or too cold and work hard together at keeping the farm functioning.  The family is composing a song titled “I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas”, for they realize that hibernation is not going to happen for them, for either the bed is too hard or too soft for them to sleep the cold winter away.  They have not stored up enough “fat” and those dreadful deadlines!  Some of them say “January, February, and March”!   One thing that was glaringly evident this year was that God IS in control!  In control of the temperatures, the times of rain, the times of drought, the times of equipment working, the times of equipment not working, times of rejoicing,  times of sorrow.   He has never walked ahead of us, nor behind us, but beside us.  His “porridge” is just right and brings deep satisfaction, His “chair” is the perfect place for us to sit and commune with Him, and the place of rest He offers brings the most refreshment.
 And with this realization, the family will live happily ever after!
May you and your family find His porridge “just right” in the coming year of 2012!

“Come let us worship the King, Jesus the Savior is born 

Until next time.........(maybe next year)

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A very creative Christmas letter!Thanks for sharing.